5 Recruiting Tips for CEOs

5 Recruiting Tips for CEOs

5 Ways CEOs Can Boost Recruiting

For CEOs, recruiting new talent can often take a back burner spot behind more pressing concerns like, oh, running a company. Unfortunately, this hierarchy of priorities tends to make the process of hiring something of an unfocused scramble, leaving businesses without the talent necessary to thrive. Here are a few tips that can help CEOs not only prioritize recruiting, but reap the incredible rewards of recruiting well.

1) Recruit continuously. By the time you wait for your star sales person to give their two weeks’ notice, you’ve already lost valuable time when you could have been attracting the best of the best. Identify candidates before you need to hire.

2) Act fast. The best candidates are likely being offered new opportunities from multiple companies (including your competitors), so when you see A star that you’d like to add to your team, don’t wait to extend an attractive pitch for your business. Which leads to…

3) Don’t wait for open positions. When you spot a candidate who could definitely help your business grow, recruit, interview, and hire them, even if you don’t have an open position. Create a new position; after all, you’re looking to expand, aren’t you?

4) Sell your business. Not to a buyer, of course! But understand that as much as potential candidates may try to make themselves attractive to your HR department, you need to make working at your company an attractive prospect.

5) Employ top recruiters. More than anything, your business rests upon the backs of your team. That means identifying and hiring top talent must be a priority – and the first step in ensuring that the recruitment process goes well is to ensure that the team doing the recruitment is absolutely top-notch. Of course, you don’t have to have your own recruiting team. Working with a trusted recruiting firm like StellarHire Partners is a surefire way of keeping the recruitment bar high.

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