Attracting The Best Talent in a Competitive Market

Attracting The Best Talent in a Competitive Market

Great talent is the foundation for all successful companies. And, the difference between good companies and great companies is the people they hire and retain.

Identifying Top Talent

With LinkedIn Recruiter’s new search capabilities, its relatively easy for any sourcer/recruiter to identify top talent.

However, there is a big difference between identifying, and actually recruiting top talent. Since the majority of the top 25% ­ 35% in any given field are not looking to make a move, recruiting these people is “the biggest challenge”.

Attracting Top Passive Talent Starts with Your Employer Brand

Companies with great employer brands attract the best people, because the best people know these companies are great places to work.

Your employer brand is what you stand for that is meaningful as an employer, your organization’s reputation as an employer, and its value proposition to its employees and potential employees.

It’s not only the messaging you promote, it’s what your employees, potential employees, and external resources you’ve contracted think and say about you.

Every interaction a potential employee has with your brand forms their perception about your company and what it is like to work there.

Recruiting Top Talent

Recruiters are often a passive candidate’s first point of contact with your organization.

Your employer brand is in the hands of your recruiters; whether they work internally or they work for an agency you’ve contracted.

Recruiters can attract or deter the best candidates in the market. How a recruiter engages with passive talent is a direct reflection on your brand.

If your company works with outside recruiting agencies, choosing the right recruiting partners is an important decision. It’s all about trust: you need to be able to trust that the recruiter will act as a positive ambassador of your brand, and you need to be certain that candidates will trust that the recruiter has their best interests in mind.

What the Best Passive Candidate Recruiters Do:

Recruit Top Quality Candidates

They seek out the best people, work with them closely and help the best ones get hired.

Establish Trust & Credibility

They are considered trusted career advisers by their candidates. Recruiters profoundly affect people’s lives, especially top tier and passive candidates who don’t need to change jobs or have multiple opportunities.

Recognize Top Talent

The best recruiters conduct interviews that focus on fit, performance and motivation.

Know the Job and the Company Inside Out

A job is not a list of skills or experiences. It’s a set of objectives that define the required results and the best process to achieve these results. What is the environment, the culture and the actual manager like?

Take a Consultative Approach

Good recruiters ensure the decision to proceed or not is based on a career move, the difference in what that person is doing now and what they could be doing in the future.

It’s Not Easy to Recruit High Achievers Away from Their Current Position When They’re Not Looking.

Standing out from the competition and getting top talent to listen, and respond, to a recruiting call to action is essential to converting passive candidates into active employee prospects.

Candidates want to know about more than compensation and benefits. They want to understand your competitive strengths and how working for your company will benefit their career, what a career move will mean to them in the short-term and long-term, and how it will impact their life and family.

To recruit the top players, recruiters need to understand what factors are most important to your specific audience and how to convey your brands relevant differentiators to create interest.

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