Can You Find a Manager With All These Skills?

Can You Find a Manager With All These Skills?

As a lower-level employee, there’s nothing more frustrating than having to answer to an ineffective manager. As a company higher-up, there’s nothing worse than having to delegate to intermediate management staff that you don’t trust. Yet, locating true management talent can be one of the most difficult parts of staffing, for the simple reason that effective managers must be skilled in so many areas beyond those that relate directly to a specific business. Consider the following…

Managers must intuitively understand what motivates employees under them – and be able to fulfill the role of a coach when team members aren’t feeling motivated.

Managers must have impeccable attention to detail in order to handle budgetary concerns, scheduling, and a whole host of other planning responsibilities.

Managers must be able to enforce policy without making enemies of their colleagues.

And finally, managers must communicate effectively with a balance of professionalism, tact, and team-building friendliness.

Clearly, effective management requires a special blend of interpersonal and professional skills. Why leave finding that perfect managerial skill set to chance?  StellarHire Partners have over 26 years of combined experience in the staffing industry, and know how to locate those unique candidates who can wear the many managerial hats necessary to help a business grow.

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