CFO’s Forecast Increasing Tech Revenues – Are You Ready?

CFO’s Forecast Increasing Tech Revenues – Are You Ready?
English: Diagram showing overview of cloud com...

English: Diagram showing overview of cloud computing including Google, Salesforce, Amazon, Axios Systems, Microsoft, Yahoo & Zoho (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A recent survey by BDO USA found that CFOs in the tech industry have a very positive outlook for 2013. Over half – 58% – of tech industry CFOs predict that their company’s revenue will increase over values seen in 2012, with an average predicted increase in just under 9%. Perhaps even more telling, 70% of CFOs who work for tech companies believe that merger and acquisition activity will increase in 2013 as well.
With all of this positive change for high-tech focused businesses, there are bound to be staffing changes as companies obtain the capital to expand, switch ownership, and combine to form bigger and better businesses. Couple those shifts with rapid adaptation of cloud technology and big data integration, and finding the right staff for the job becomes even more crucial.
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