Client Testimonials

Rachel Budlong

I have had the absolute privilege to work with Rachel at both Eloqua and Rachel essentially built my team at in 2006. She has an incredible network of sales and bd professionals and the thing I was always most impressed with is her ability to match the skills of the individual with the culture of the company. She really understands the business and how each role is different and how they all work together. When I am building a team my first call is to Rachel!

— Robert Van Brewster


RACHEL is the best I’ve ever worked with in my 36 year IT career. I truly feel like you’re part of the Veeam Team. In fact I’m sure some folks here at Veeam think you’re an employee!

Bottom line is this:

  • You know Veeam Software inside and out and represent it perfectly
  • You know the IT and software industry better than any recruiter I’ve ever dealt with
  • You are so well connected within our market
  • You speak from the heart and are very genuine in your approach

I think that last point is what I really like about you. My sales philosophy has always been “speak from the heart and don’t try to be someone you’re not.” People see through the phony “recitals.”

We’ve hired some A++ players here at Veeam and it’s due to your excellent recruiting efforts. I sincerely thank you for that.

— George SidorisVP WW SalesVeeam Software


I have had the pleasure to work with Rachel Budlong and her firm on several critical new hires for both senior sales and technical positions in the Federal market. She has always brought the best talent to the table. Her network of contacts, candidates and knowledge of the both the commercial and public sector would be valuable to any organization seeking top talent.

Rachel is responsive, proactive and possess a tireless work ethic. She brings a wealth of senior experience and passion to each and every business situation. Rachel and her team always demonstrate a strong professional attitude in all activities and communication. Her firm has a huge competitive advantage from other recruiters I have experienced in my career as a sales leader.

— Jay Messenger


I have known Rachel Budlong and used her services for many years. She is a real pro at sales, channel, and pre-sales recruiting. Definitely one of the best in the business and happily recommend her and StellarHire.

— David SilesVice President, Worldwide Field Operations & Customer Success at DataGravity, Greater Chicago Area


Rachel, as a professional recruiter, is the most driven, well rounded and connected that I have met. She displays a keen understanding of the high-tech industry,and maintains connections at all levels, understanding key personnel and how they fit. In addition, her knowledge of the emerging markets throughout the industry and the value that they offer is tremendous. I worked closely with Rachel as I was considering a move to Veeam. She represented the company in a manner that was more of a company strategist and sales professional than a recruiter. She was versed on all aspects of the business and direction and was a key factor in my move to Veeam. Rachel is the best recruiter I have seen.

— Christopher MooreDirector Channels, Americas at Veeam Software, Baltimore, Maryland Area


Rachel is great. She has played an integral part in my staffing needs at Eloqua.

— Kevin FergusonVice President, Sales at Eloqua, San Francisco Bay Area


I had the pleasure of working with Rachel at Eloqua. She was an absolute pleasure to work with and was extremely responsive and committed to helping me build my organization. Rachel has an incredible work ethic and a “can do ” attitude that allows her to excel at what she does and directly help my team. The success of any organization is largely due to having the right people and Rachel was instrumental in helping me.

— Ryan Ashburn, Vice President, Account Management, Eloqua, worked with Rachel at Oracle + Eloqua


Rachel has done an amazing job helping us grow our Eloqua Account Management and Services teams by identifying and helping us close great talent. She was a valuable member of our team!

— Karen Pisha, SVP Global Account Services, Eloqua, worked with Rachel at Oracle + Eloqua


Rachel has been an absolute pleasure to work with through our recruiting efforts at Eloqua. She is an excellent listener and through her tremendous network has helped me and my team bring fantastic individuals on board. The feedback from the candidates as well as my contacts within and outside of the Eloqua is consistent — her professionalism and ability is execute is stellar.

— Joanne Poirier, VP Account Management East, Eloqua, worked with Rachel at Eloqua


Rachel helped us build a good pipeline of candidates for a very challenging/skill specific role. She was very receptive to suggestions and worked inside/outside a very restrictive box tapping into existing and new pools of talent. She knows what it will take and is relentless in her pursuit to find strong candidates.

— Mark Jauregui, was Rachel’s client


Rachel is a stellar recruiter. In a very short period of time she helped me double the size of my team and add significant talent. Here commitment to finding the right fit for both the candidate and myself was evident in the questions she asked to refine the profile, the professional manner in which she treated the candidates, and her persistence. I had more than one candidate share with me that their experience with her was top notch. I would feel very confident working with her again.

— Jocelyn Brown, Senior Director, Customer Experience, Eloqua, worked with Rachel at Eloqua


Rachel performed well in matching me with my current position at Veeam. I was kept well informed as I went through the hiring process. At this point, the match is working very well. Thank you Rachel for reaching out to me when you did.

— Hesham (Sam) Fawaz, Channel Systems Engineer, Veeam Software, was with another company when working with Rachel at Veeam Software


Rachel is both extremely professional and agressive in delivering top flight candidiates that meet the requirements set forth. I would recomend and use Rachel’s services in any company I would be employed.

— Drew Wolford, Dell Global Alliance Manager, Veeam Software, was with another company when working with Rachel at Veeam Software, Recruiting Partner/Consultant


Rachel Budlong is one of the most outstanding recruiters I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Since April of 2011, I have constantly been refreshed with how great she is with other professionals and very appreciative for everything she’s done for me. You can’t go wrong doing business with her – A+

— Jason Lochinger, was Rachel’s client


Rachel is a top-notch recruiter who sets herself apart from her peers with her stellar reputation, diligence and organization. If you’re like me you are contacted by many people with solicitations on Linkedin, Rachel is one of the best. I’d wholeheartedly recommend working with her.

— Michael Foy, Channel Manager, Northwest, Veeam Software, worked with Rachel at Veeam Software


Rachel is an outstanding recruiter. I have worked with Rachel to recruit several engineers. She has a genuine understanding of our requirements and can find candidates that fit technically and work with our team. She has done a fantastic job for us.

— Scott Lillis, was Rachel’s client


Rachel is the best recruiter I have worked with to date. As quickly as we are growing, it is imperative we have a strong pool of candidates. Her ability to find, screen and provide only the best candidates has made my ability to fill my openings easy.

— Kate Rodriguez, Sales Director, Central Region, Veeam Software, worked with Rachel at Veeam Software


I’ve had the pleasure of working with Rachel both from a candidate perspective and as a manager working closely with her to help build my team. Throughout the entire process Rachel’s professionalism continually impresses. Rachel is extremely thorough through her desire, knowledge and focus of ensuring the search and placement of extremely well qualified candidates and her drive to succeed demonstrates role model work ethic.

— Dirk Vanderwal, Regional Sales Director – Canada, Veeam Software, worked directly with Rachel at Veeam Software


Rachel is a high energy and positive advocate for Veeam. I am continually impressed with Rachel’s performance and track record for Veeam’s global recruiting needs, but also her knowledge of our company’s market opportunity and our corporate culture. Rachel is the real deal–smart, honest, aggressive and driven to ensure that the company and her clients/ candidates meet or exceed expectations.

— Bob Klaas #, Director, Western Region Sales, Veeam Software, worked with Rachel at Veeam Software


I had the pleasure of working with Rachel over three months ago now and in my opinion she owns a style of admirable leadership intrinsic and aggressive yet highly pacific. A rare , dynamic and highly competitive combination. In addition to understand the IT industry extremely well, she brings energy and enthusiasm to each assignment. This coupled with her diligence and perseverance easily distinguished Rachel as a true high caliber professional. I highly recommend Rachel mostly because she really cares, and clearly seeks the art of the possible in the language of best results for all she engages with , on a daily basis. Angel

— Angel Azambuya, Regional Sales Director, Latam, Veeam Software, worked with Rachel at Veeam Software


I got in contact with Rachel as she was recruiting me to Veeam. I found her professional, efficient and with good communication skills.

— Linus Svensson, PreSales Manager Nordics & Baltics, Symantec, was with another company when working with Rachel at Veeam Software


A recruiting consultant, to be really effective, should be able to deeply investigate into candidates skills, attitudes, background and will of succeed. He/she should create a trusted relation with candidates, helping them to highlight their own strenghts, and being able to discover candidate’s weakness at the same time. Moreover, the real differentiator of an outstanding recruiter is the capability to quickly identify the right candidate as soon as they’re interviewed. I can say with no fuss that Rachel showed all these capabilities, providing an excellent support in the most sensible recruiting activities

— Fabio Alghisi, Key accounts manager, cyan networks, 9proof, was with another company when working with Rachel at Veeam Software


I had the pleasure of working with Rachel in two different situations, the first at Platespin while looking to expand my sales team into the US Central and Western regions, and the second while I was seeking employment with a specialized software firm. I can honestly say that Rachel delivered fantastically on both occasions. Rachel is a professional that is extremely well connected in the IT space and has tremendous knowledge of the industry as a whole. She is honest, easy to deal with and delivers all expectations. I would highly recommend Rachel to any company looking to hire and keep top talent in the IT space.

— Nader Haddad, was Rachel’s client


Rachel, as a professional recruiter, is the most driven, well rounded and connected that I have met. She displays a keen understanding of the high-tech industry,and maintains connections at all levels, understanding key personnel and how they fit. In addition, her knowledge of the emerging markets throughout the industry and the value that they offer is tremendous. I worked closely with Rachel as I was considering a move to Veeam. She represented the company in a manner that was more of a company strategist and sales professional than a recruiter. She was versed on all aspects of the business and direction and was a key factor in my move to Veeam. Rachel is the best recruiter I have seen.

— Christopher Moore, was Rachel’s client


Rachel is without a doubt the most personable, credible and professional recruiter that I have ever worked with. She not only knows the high-tech industry, but also knows the key players and where they all fit. In addition, she has extensive knowledge of both the dominate and emerging companies throughout the industry. I worked closely with Rachel as I was considering a move to Veeam. She represented both the company and opportunity accurately which helped me rationalize my decision to join their outstanding team. Rachel is clearly the best in a highly competitive field.

— Steve Marconi, Director, VMware Global Alliance, Veeam Software,


Rachel Budlong has mastered the art of effective recruiting. In her role supporting Veeam Software’s expansion through our rapid growth cycles, I have come to depend on Rachel to deliver high caliber candidates time after time. She consistently delivers and hits the mark. Rachel understands my technical organizations and how we operate in each. She thinks in the same mindset I do and delivers candidates that are real contenders for the positions we recruit for at our company. Her ability to drawn upon her vast years of experience, coupled with a natural ability to identify talent from her vast network of contacts is simply amazing. I am very happy to recommend and endorse Rachel. My only fear is the secret gets out of the bag and others find out a big part of what enables our success. She is a true pleasure to have on our team.

— David Siles, was Rachel’s client


Recently, we worked with Rachel to build a new Product Management team at Granicus from the ground up. We were seeking a Director, Product Management to build the team around. Obviously, it was a critical hire, one of the most important I’ve made. After four months of searching for the perfect candidate in a tough economy, Rachel came through for us. She landed us a total “A player” out of a great technology company in the bay area. Rachel was extremely helpful at each stage and a complete professional throughout the process. I look forward to working with Rachel again as we continue to grow the company.

— Matt Hendrickson, was Rachel’s client


Rachel has mastered recruiting. She partners closely and is results oriented. She helped me hire several individuals on my team. She has a large network, understands job profiles, communicates effectively, able to multi-task and has a strong handle on the overall market place. I really enjoyed working with Rachel. She isan amazing asset to any companies recruiting organization.

— Lindsay Lanning, VP, Customer Success Managers,, worked with Rachel at J.Z. Bond Group, LLC


Rachel is an excellent recruiter. Her diverse background having been successful as an independent recruiter as well as in-house recruiter gives her a unique skill-set that makes her a valuable asset for any company. In addition to her sourcing and selling expertise she has a genuine interest in, and commitment to the use of Recruiting solutions. She was very active in leveraging the power of our ATS/TMS, and also involved in assisting me with it’s evolution. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Rachel in the future.

— Scott Robarge, Manager, Recruiting Operations,, worked directly with Rachel


Rachel supported me in all my hiring for the America’s Alliance team. I was continually amazed by the quality of individual she brought to the table, which typically resulted in faster hiring cycles. She was great at screening out the noise an only presenting the top candidates for me to interview. I was also shocked at thedepth of her own rolodex, and the fact that she often had been engaged in long term dialogs with many of the best candidates, which she had developed over her years in the business. Her detail oriented nature and great follow-through made the hiring process smooth and painless for me, and the folks she helped put on my team are currently among my top performers.

— Brent Floyd, Senior Director, Americas,, worked with Rachel at


With our company in hyper-growth, it was a challenge to find top people quickly enough. Rachel could be trusted to understand the essence of what I sought, and she helped me better convey that essence to candidates. Because I hired diverse functions (marketing, analytics, operations), I valued her ability to pick the right tactics for each role.

— Jason Garoutte, Vice President, Sales Operations,, worked with Rachel at


Rachel is one of the best recruiters I have worked with. What sets her apart is her strategic approach: She has the deep expertise to identify high-value candidates, has a full understanding of organizational impact and can secure acceptance in competitive situations. Her skills are highly effective, particularly given the current economic conditions, where companies need an efficient, error-free and results-driven approach to talent acquisition. She possesses a high level of honesty and professional integrity, in addition to her responsiveness and impeccable follow-through. She is an asset to any recruiting organization and I look forward to the opportunity to work with her again.

— Karine Versace, Marketing and Strategy Consultant, K. Versace Consulting, Inc., was with another company when working with Rachel at


Rachel is an effective and highly capable recruiter who knows the value of communication and hard work. I had the pleasure of working with her when I was interviewing at and also when I recommended colleagues for employment at She was always responsive, diligent, and energetic. A true professional whom I highly recommend.

— Scott Barlow, Manager, Global Sales Effectiveness,, worked with Rachel at


Rachel is a terrific recruiter. Her experience, resourcefulness, and wide network of contacts helped build my world-class team at

— Clara Shih, was Rachel’s client


Rachel is a top notched recruiter. I had the pleasure of working with her and she is an example of a recruiter who goes the extra mile. She was instrumental to the success of our recruiting organization and was valued by not only the candidates she came into contact with but also our internal management organization. I hope to work with her again!

— Cindy Robbins, Director – Corp Sales, Products & Marketing Recruiting,, worked directly with Rachel at


Rachel provided an extremely professional service. She was always timely, accurate and completely supportive as a business partner. She played a pivotal role in supporting my recruitment needs

— Martin Moran, SVP Global Alliances,, worked with Rachel at


Rachel supported my team’s hiring needs for about 2 1/2 years and she was always extremely professional and proactive. I really enjoyed having her support my team and she always worked hard to find the right candidates for the right roles. She is a dedicated recruiter who focuses on customer satisfaction and results.

— Anthony Kong, Practice Director, Professional Services,, worked with Rachel at


Rachel is one of the most outstanding recruiting professionals I know. I haven’t met in my career someone as dedicated, smart and able as Rachel. Her commitment levels to her client is unparalleled, her ability to recruit quality candidates is the best I have seen — and her consummate professionalism in handling any part of the recruiting life cycle – in any environment is proof of her being a true recruiting ‘athlete’. I would hire, work with or work for Rachel in any situation and consider her one of the true A players of recruiting talent on the West Coast.

— Sophie Kitson, Director of International Recruiting,, worked with Rachel at


Rachel gets it done. Quickly. She understands business and can relay the value proposition as well as the executives with whom she’s partnering. And perhaps more importantly, she has a knack for vetting the performers from the pretenders. Rachel is the rare recruiter who impacts business performance through strategic talent acquisition.

— Mike McDonald, Sr. Manager, Recruiting –, Alliances, Services, GA & Finance,, managed Rachel at


Rachel Budlong is a consummate professional recruiter and HR professional. Over the years I have worked with many recruiters as an RM and VP of Sales -Rachel is one of the finest . She brings a fresh perspective and insight into understanding a prospects DNA but also a a flair for articulating the culture , role and impact the company she represents portrays. Rachel has a keen sense of intuition in spotting talent and describing the potential for both candidate and company. She would an asset to any management team looking for leadership in human resources and recruiting.

— Robert L. Sparno, Director- Alliances Financial Services & Media and Communication,, worked with Rachel at


Rachel is by far the best recruiter I have ever worked with. While I was evaluating, she was unbelievably helpful and professional. During my evaluation phase, she followed up with me on all of my concerns and did her utmost to make sure that I had all the information I needed to make an informed decision. Once I joined, Rachel helped me recruit numerous people into the organization. She always set the right expectations with candidates and make sure they had all the information they needed. Rachel is by far the best, most successful recruiter I have ever encountered. She is incredibly easy to work with and an amazing resource for both candidates and hiring managers. I would recommend Rachel to anyone and everyone that is looking for a world class recruiter to help them build their organization.

— Leyla D. Seka, Director of Product Marketing, AppExchange,, worked directly with Rachel at


Rachel is a first class recruiter. She is smart, aggressive, diligent and very customer focused. She has been a huge part of our recruiting team at and I highly recommend her.

— Mike Euglow, VP, Global Recruiting,, managed Rachel indirectly at


I worked with Rachel extensively during the interview process when joining Rachel’s enthusiasm for the firm and knowledge of the role were both factors which influenced my decision to join. She communicated with me through every stage of the process – a very welcome change from my previous experience working with other recruiters. Working with Rachel was a true pleasure.

— Gisele Duprez, Client Services Executive,, worked with Rachel at

Steve Richards

Steve is truly a top-notch recruiter. Steve has been on my team as a sales recruiter for several years and is consistently requested by hiring managers to support their difficult searches.

Steve is excellent at building and maintaining relationships and really takes the time to understand the position and needs of the organization prior to starting each search.

January 25, 2013, Inga managed Steve at TIBCO Software

Inga Kulberg Tesler SPHR Re-order, Senior Director, Recruiting at


Steve is one of the best recruiters that I have had the pleasure of working with. Prior to Steve supporting me, I had great difficulty filling several key roles on my team. What I first noticed was that Steve was supplying me with QUALIFIED people ot consider for the openings…and LOTS of them. In short order, Steve had the positions filled.

May 22, 2012, Sean worked directly with Steve at TIBCO Software

Sean Alger Vice President, Software and Solutions Sales – Public Sector at Kofax


Steve is a great asset in supporting my team in on-going recruiting efforts. He goes beyond the call of duty of understanding my requirements and then providing me with the right candidates…

April 2, 2012, Rich managed Steve indirectly at TIBCO Software

Rich Stocker Director of Sales, North America – Consumer Markets at LivePerson


Steve is the kind of recruiter/HR person I like. He is very pro-active, diligent and responsive. Hiring is the one of the toughest things I do in my job. Finding the right person and getting them hired takes lots of hard work and magic. Steve makes it happen…Highly recommended, AAA+++

June 22, 2011, Japinder managed Steve indirectly at TIBCO Software

Japinder Singh TIBCO Dream Merchant at TIBCO Software


It is always a pleasure working with Steve. He is a sharp and focused recruiter with a commitment to client service. He has a proven track to successfully identifying top talent for his hard to fill and critical positions. Steve understands the importance of building and maintaining relationships with candidates to ensure a consistent talent pipeline at all times. Additionally, Steve is a very pleasant and personable professional. I highly recommend him.

June 21, 2011, Manal worked directly with Steve at TIBCO Software

Manal El Khazen Human Resources


I recently rejoined TIBCO Software and have management responsibilities for the Western Region technical sales and service. Business is very healthy and one of my first and top priorities is to fill the open reqs within my organization. The recruiting process here has some inefficiencies but Steve has been instrumental in working the process and keeping things moving. Most importantly, he is proactive in communicating with both myself and the recruit. Steve is a top notch recruiting professionals.

February 16, 2011, Tony worked with Steve at TIBCO Software

Tony Giang Vice President at OSI Consulting, Inc.


Steve was extremely helpful in recruiting for us. He was very professional and expedient. The whole hiring process went very smooth. I look forward to working with him again.

January 10, 2011, Mae worked with Steve at TIBCO Software

Mae Khieu Education Manager at TIBCO Software Inc.


Steve is a fantastic recruiter and colleague. He is probably the most high energy sales recruiter I have worked with and his ability to work in a fast and complex environment was awesome to watch. His energy and enthusiasm is a great asset as it comes across in every conversation with clients and candidates alike. He genuinely loves and believes in what he does. Its a rare combination with his ability to improve processes, manage challenging situations and operate with executives at the highest levels. I was always amazed by his ability to source quality candidates even with the toughest of criteria or needs – he really is a true ‘hunter” yet has the ability to finesse the most complex of situations. I would hire Steve again in a heartbeat and would trust him with any of my most challenging of openings.

March 26, 2010, Sophie managed Steve at

Sophie Kitson Talent Management, Human Resources, Acquisition & Organizational Effectiveness Leader (executive advisor)


Steve managed my regional recruitment efforts at for a number of years. He routinely demonstrated command of prioritization, clear communication and delivery in his important role. My org has grown significantly over time and Steve has successfully sourced and placed many outstanding candidates for my business. I highly recommend Steve for a position that in recruiting that matches his skill set.

March 30, 2009, Bill worked with Steve at

Bill Evanow Vice President, Strategic Accounts at


Steve is an excellent business partner with the Sales Organization. He played a big part in screening candidates, and working with them throughout the entire hiring process. His attention to detail and responsiveness made the process very easy for sales leadership to focus on selling and interviewing the right candidates.

March 27, 2009, Bart worked with Steve at

Bart Seidner Regional Vice President


Steve provided valuable recruiting services during his time at His attention to details and a knack for keeping his arms around the process allowed me to focus my attention on the strategic hiring tasks. At the end of the day, I’d easily say that Steve is the most favorite recruiter I’ve had the pleasure to work with.

March 27, 2009, Stephanie worked with Steve at

Stephanie Kinser North American Technology Pre-Sales Executive


Steve is a very astute reader of people and match-maker of leaders and leading companies. I recommend his services highly.

March 27, 2009, Suzanne worked with Steve at

Suzanne DiBianca President,


When I joined, we had to very quickly hire a few Account Execs. Steve played a big part in screening candidates, and working with them throughout the entire hiring process. His attention to detail and responsiveness made the process very easy for the sales leadership during our busiest time of the fiscal year. Steve is very responsive, and persistent in managing the recruiting and hiring process.

March 23, 2009, Carrie-Anne worked with Steve at

Carrie-Anne Mosley AVP, Global Remedyforce Sales at BMC Software


Steve is fantastic at partnering with the business to locate and on-board well qualified candidates for enterprise sales. Very responsive and great to work with.

March 23, 2009, Drew worked with Steve at

Drew Sechrist CEO at Koozoo


Steve is incredibly good at his job. His patience and tenacity make for a great combination. He is a true professional and one of the best in his business. Steve not only helped bring me in to the organization,he was instrumental in helping me build out my team. Steve would be my first choice to work with again and again.

March 17, 2009, Kelly worked with Steve at

Kelly Wasden Area Vice President, West Sales at Apttus


I had the pleasure of working with Steve over the past 3 years at Steve was responsible for sourcing quality candidates and assisting in our hiring strategy in the southeast. I always found Steve to be extremely professional, only sending me qualified candidates and was a phenomenal team player. I wouldl highly recommend his work.

March 13, 2009, Mark worked with Steve at

Mark Storm National Account Sales, Box


Steve is an extremely strong recruiter. Here at we have an extremely high bar when it comes to who we hire for Sales people. Steve not only found candidates that met that high bar, they cleared it by a mile. He did this for us all over the country and always seemed to attract the top talent from our competition. I highly recommend Steve. He’s one of the best in the business.
March 11, 2009, Don worked directly with Steve at

Don Barnhouse Principal Sales Recruiter at


Steve is an excellent Recruiter who would be an asset to any company. His experience of working both on the agency as well as the corporate side of the business gives him a unique skill set. He has the sourcing and selling expertise of an agency/independent recruiter while also possessing the relationship building skills necessary within the corporate environment. I would look forward to working with Steve in the future.

March 9, 2009, Scott worked directly with Steve at

Scott Robarge Talent Consultant at Another8


Steve has been an invaluable asset in helping me identify A Players in the sales arena. He has a vast network and is creative in uncovering and attracting the types of people you’d love to hire but just can’t find. We have a high bar and Steve flat out delivers.

March 9, 2009, Mike managed Steve indirectly at

Mike McDonald Director, Talent Acquisition


Steve has been a very valuable member of the sales recruiting team. He is a hard worker who produces results. Steve also is able to build strong relationships with co-workers and the business. We are lucky to have Steve on our team.

March 9, 2009, Mike was Steve’s client

Mike Euglow Head of Global Recruiting at


Steve played a critical role in rapidly expanding the enterprise sales team at

March 9, 2009, Gary worked with Steve at

Gary Hanna Vice President, Sales at Host Analytics, Inc.


Steve is an awesome recruiter. He’s able to take on a variety of searches in different regions and groups and still consistently surpass expectations and deliver A+ talent. He’s a phenomenal sourcer, relentless in his efforts, and he builds quality partnerships with his hiring managers and his candidates. A great guy too!

February 22, 2008, Mike worked directly with Steve at

Mike Leary VP Cloud Recruiting, SAP, driving growth for the best company on the planet, leading the top recruiters in the industry


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