How the Internet Has Changed the Recruitment Process

How the Internet Has Changed the Recruitment Process
Big Data

Big Data (Photo credit: Kevin Krejci)

There’s a reason it’s called the Information Age. The internet has truly changed the way that we gather, process, and utilize information, especially during the recruitment process! Since the business world changes so quickly, it’s important for our recruitment efforts to keep pace.

At StellarHire Partners, we use technology to proactively and effectively propel talent through the pipelines to fulfill company needs. We’ve found that the biggest benefit of the internet is what we call “big data.” These analytics allow us to quickly see if our efforts are paying off and what sites we should be investing our efforts in.

For instance, data can show us talent acquisition statistics for LinkedIn versus CareerBuilder. Both are fine sites, of course, but does one work for our particular company better than the other? Big data and analytics allow us to determine this.

Harnessing big data is the easy part. Implementing it to acquire new talent is the challenge that many businesses face. To make the most of your big data:

Review the metrics and decide what sites are the most effective for your company.

Consider key metrics about your company to improve your performance on these sites

Use the data to proactively predict what future HR technology you should begin using to glean results.

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