The Internet of Everything – Hire Different

The Internet of Everything – Hire Different

Dreamforce: I am struck by the tectonic shift exploding from the Internet of Everything. And I do not mean pace but magnitude. Everything is changing, again. Are you hiring in a way that sets you up for success? Leaping from 2.5B connected devices to 30B in a few years creates complexities we must prepare to face now. Security and privacy, particularly in today’s invasive world, are paramount. An ability to manage and accommodate both complexity and velocity of change will become core competencies of successful teams. And, while deep technical skills will continue to climb in value, omni-connectivity raises the bar on finding qualified team members with a quiver full of intellectual skills.

Multiple Intelligences

Howard Gardner, the progenitor of this notion of ‘multiple intelligences’, reminds us that raw intellectual horsepower is not a sufficient indicator of success. The stellar employees designing the internet of anything will also be linguistically competent, deeply interpersonally aware and naturally comfortable asking existential questions; they can easily step back and ask ‘the big question’ without the discomfort of questioning the current plan.


Linguistic intellect defines great storytellers. Storytelling is not limited to entertainment. The best are able to relate complicated narratives and easily bring a lay audience along. At StellarHire we evaluate this skill in our first conversations. How effectively does the candidate relate the nature of their work to me, a non-specialist? Do they check for understanding? Educate through anecdote? Draw the listener’s attention with effective use of metaphor?

Awareness of the ‘other’

How well do they ‘hear’ what the other party is saying? Today’s pace and complexity requires the Executive, leader or team member to ‘get’ what their customers, partners and employees are saying. We try to push our prospective candidates to make sure they are a good ‘fit’. Ability to assess what the other seeks in a casual conversation is a great first step. It displays the depth of one’s emotional IQ. Yes, we like rocket scientists but we love rocket scientists who innately know what their ‘other’ seeks.

Self-pivoting intellect

Emotional Olympians can pivot their perspective in real time, without pulling a neuron! When challenged, do they reject and defend their current view or do they find interest in the query? Do they ask follow-up questions or launch directly into a rhetorical stump speech?

StellarHire Recruits for Intellect and Emotional Intelligence

In a brief call from a recruiter anyone can talk about past successes and why they could help a new venture. Some are comfortable discussing failures or shortcomings. With StellarHire’s uniquely disciplined approach, candidates unerringly reveal their emotional IQ. Only individuals with the qualifications your business requires and the emotional intellect your teams deserve are presented to you as prospective candidates. In an Internet of Everything there will be no better way to hire and build your team.

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