Management vs. Leadership: The Key Differences

Management vs. Leadership: The Key Differences

What does it mean to be a true leader? A common misconception in our society is that leaders and managers are essentially the same. Although a leader can actively manage, there is a distinct difference between the two labels. Individuals working as managers should strive to implement attributes of leadership into their supervising. Anyone can manage, but not everyone can be a leader.

So what are the differences? Here is a list of some of the key roles a leader serves compared to a manager:

  • A manager directs, but a leader innovates. This is one of the major differences between a manager and a leader. Managers work to direct others and provide them with literal guidance, whereas leaders work to create innovation in their area of discipline. Leaders always help create, but managers simply delegate.
  • A manager focuses on structure, a leader focuses on people. One of the best characteristics about a leader is they are relational. Rather than focusing on rules and norms, leaders work to build an understanding for others and they offer guidance based on the individual. Managers will often just focus on a basic overarching structure and not offer any individualized attention.
  • A manger relies on control, but a leader relies on trust. Ineffective managers will often go on a power trip to control their personnel. Although they are in a position of power, this will not actively engage and build morale within their employees. Leaders will build individual relationships with their staff, and will guide them based on trust. This type of working relationship will encompass team spirit and enthusiasm.
  • A manager maintains, but a leader develops. A key difference between a manager and a leader is how they seize what is currently in front of them. Managers will do the minimum and maintain what they are presented with. Although it is okay to provide maintenance, leaders will actively develop new and better solutions in any field.
  • Managers’ views are short-term; however, leaders’ are long-term. Managers do not have the ability to perceive the future because they lack innovation. Leaders will take their talent of working as innovators, and develop long-term goals and strategies.

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