The Growing Demand for Big Data Workers

The Growing Demand for Big Data Workers

The need for big data workers is growing and companies are aware of the need for analytics to maintain their competitive edge in almost any industry. The demand is high; however, the supply is rather low. Initiatives to train students on data analysis are underway; however, companies want and need the knowledge now.

With the growing demand for data workers, companies are beginning to train their current employees on big data. Big data encompasses a plethora of data from web interactions, social media, and even click-streams. Conducting analytics of these streams is crucial to business development and competitiveness; thus, engaging current employees on these matters is beneficial.

Before training your employees it is important to make sure you are ready to conduct data research within your company. First, your company must possess some sort of database or way to gather data. With the excess use of computer technology in our generation, this step will not be difficult to fulfill. However, even though your company may possess the data, it does not mean the data is sorted. It is important to first have an employee sort and manage the data so an analyst can conduct research once it has been cleaned. So your first step in training workers on big data should be to appoint an organized and computer savvy individual to compile company data into clean spreadsheets.

Once this step has been completed, you are ready to begin mining the data. Although many people obtain years of schooling on data mining, it is not a necessity. Anyone can gather valuable information from data, as long as they are investigative and possess natural curiosity. Appoint someone into this role that is naturally eager to gain new knowledge. They will be more likely to find hidden meaning within data. However, it is important that your employees know how to use certain statistical software to run

analyses on company numbers. Sites like provide online classes on statistical software for a small fee. A small investment in software training will serve as a huge advantage in the future. states, “Within the next five years, individuals around the globe will produce more data than all of humanity has created within the past five millennia.” That’s a lot of data. Will all of this new material and with a high market demand for researchers, it can be difficult to find a quality analyst for your company. If you are having trouble providing big data training to your current team, StellarHire Partners works to match job seekers with employees who are skilled and knowledgeable with big data. Gain a competitive advantage for your business by empowering it with big data expertise.

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